Nightlife in Thimphu

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kinley Wangmo

Thimphu’s nightlife can be exhilarating! We will accompany you to experience local dances, live music, karaoke, beer and food at some of the most popular entertainment joints in Thimphu.

Mojo Park, a live music pub, is one of the most popular among both Bhutanese and foreigners. Well-known Bhutanese bands play local and western music. It has hosted several international bands from abroad including individuals like Neil Zaza, an American guitar instrumentalists.

If you are looking to enjoy local songs and dances, you must visit the Drayangs where young Bhutanese women and men in traditional attire dance to the songs requested by customers for a nominal ‘request fee’.

Vivacity is the happening discotheque in Bhutan and draws a large crowd, especially on weekends. There is enough space inside to just drink and relax or hit the dance floor and groove to the music.

Karaoke bars are popular in Bhutanese towns. People visit these joints to sing popular songs from Bhutanese films as well as English and Hindi songs. Ace Karaoke is one of the best in the city and if you want to belt out some Beatles or Bon Jovi numbers, the place is a must visit.

You will also be able to enjoy live musical performance and a variety of food and drinks at Jimmy’s Pub. Good music and ambience makes this place enjoyable.

Most entertainment centers are located close by making it easy for you to hop from one place to another. However, all places of entertainment, including pubs and Drayangs, close at mid-night.