Bhutan -The Last of the Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom

hutan, a tiny Buddhist kingdom located in the eastern Himalayas continues to fascinate many travellers with its unspoiled natural beauty, wonderful ancient architecture and legends, sagas and mythical tales of great Buddhist masters.

It is the last of the Himalayan Buddhist kingdom.

The country is divided into several districts with Thimphu as the capital city. The city houses the royal office of the King of Bhutan. In 2008, the fourth king of Bhutan abdicated after introducing democracy in the country.

Each district has ancient fortresses located strategically that are today used as offices for local and central administration. In the past, the fortresses were used mainly as defense against invasion from Tibet.

These fortresses provide a peek into Bhutan’s medieval history.

Travelling through Bhutan, one can admire and immerse in the beauty of virgin forests, quaint villages, unpolluted air, crystal clear streams, emerald rivers and lush green valleys.

Buddhism is the principle religion in Bhutan. Archery is Bhutan’s national game and the sport is played with much fun and gusto with men shooting bows and arrows and women singing and dancing alongside.

Bhutan has about four major languages spoken in different parts of the country. Dzongkha is the national language but English is used widely as a medium of communication in schools and offices.

Written by: druk